About COGO

Our Family Timeline
Dave and Elese

Rev. David S. Cosgrove and his wife, Elese are the founders and directors of Cross Over Global Outreach (COGO).  Established in the year 2000, COGO is a mission organization which helps fulfill the vision of nationals by networking the Body of Christ and others in bridging the gap of needed resources.

David and Elese have pastored since 1982 in the Twin Tiers area of New York State relating to both Elim Bible Institute and Pinecrest Bible Training Center in New York. David holds a BA from Cortland State University and has worked in marketing, sales, and engineering. They have traveled extensively both here and overseas teaching and connecting with brethren to fill the gaps of God-given vision.

“In September 2000, after receiving significant confirmations, my wife and I along with our five children (who ranged in age from 4-16 years) embarked on the first leg of a new venture to Kenya, Africa. This was the beginning of Cross Over Global Outreach, a go-between or liaison type ministry bringing people and resources together to help nationals fulfill their God-given visions. God divinely linked us in 1996 with Rev. John Okinda, a former Pinecrest Bible Training Center student.  To our great surprise, four years and many miracles later, our family settled in the Suna-Migori area of Kenya to begin the construction of a training center for church leadership. Rev. Okinda’s vision is to train, strengthen, and equip church leadership in his nation and beyond. This is to combat the problem in African Christianity, which is coined as being “a mile long, but only an inch deep.”

Contact COGO at: dscosgrove@yahoo.com or 607-358-4182.