Haiti Family

The Lloyd Smoker family moved to Haiti in 1986. Lloyd, Darlene, and our three small children - Kendra, Rodney, and Katrina were sent out by an Elim Fellowship Church – Bethel Fellowship located in Montour Falls, NY. God sent us to Haiti with a specific and unique mission – to lie on a dead body, breath life into it and see it come alive. (II Kings 4:32 -37) Along with this mission, He also gave us a promise. “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit…fruit that will last. (John 1:16) After 20 some years of giving our lives to accomplish this mission, our declaration is that God is Faithful!

The first 10 years we partnered with a local pastor, Eddy Francois, and his church. In 1996 we started a ministry school – a training seminar where people fall in love with Jesus and His word and it gives them a solid foundation in the Bible. People got saved and a cell-based house church grew – Legliz Kay an Kay.

Over the years this church has become our family – Haitifamily. We lived with them and literally taught and gave them everything we know. God raised up men and women to embrace the vision as we lived and walked out this mission. In fact, in 2006 we handed the torch to Guimps and Sophonie Noel. We believe in ministering to the three parts of man: spirit, soul, and body. Because of this we started small businesses such as desktop publishing, taxi service for busing school children, English classes, computer classes, and a small bakery. This provided jobs and it’s a wonderful way to mentor those we love. But now with the shaking of the city, this is no more. Guimps and Sophonie are with Jesus, the church building is gone, the ministry school is gone, and the small businesses that were started to support church members are buried in the ground. Most of Legliz Kay an Kay has been transported to Gonaives, living in community. But there are a few of us who have dedicated our lives to the homeless out on the streets, bringing food and shelter with one hand and the power of God with the other. We realize that if we just bring the food and shelter without the power of God we will be feeding a sleeping giant that will rise up and destroy us. Our vision and heart for the nation of Haiti has not been shaken. There still is a dead body to lie on, one that is dead spiritually and now even more economically. Our heart is that with the tools God is providing and with the giftings of his people he is putting together now, we will raise up a new beginning in that nation- one of hope and one of healing.

Our three small children are now grown and God blessed us with another daughter, Lareesa, who was born while we were in Haiti. All our children are a part of Haitifamily giving their lives for the Kingdom.

Kendra, our oldest daughter, married Ricardo Francois. Their house across the street was also destroyed in the quake. Ricardo is currently in Haiti overseeing the needs of the community. Kendra and their three children are in PA helping to coordinate aid for Haiti .

Rodney, our second-born, built a house next to Lloyd and Darlene. This was “God’s House” and was used for various ministries. This home was also destroyed. Rodney, Lillian and their one year old son, Jeremiah, were in Haiti when the earthquake happened. By a miracle they escaped. They are in Haiti with Ricardo helping the homeless in Carrefour.

Katrina and Lareesa are also in Haiti. Katrina is out there on the streets everyday giving medical assistance to anyone who needs it. Lareesa went to be a help to Rodney’s family while they are in Haiti.

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